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Quelle boîte repas préparés et livrés à domicile choisir? L'abondance

Which meal box prepared and delivered at home to choose?

Italian, Mexican, Canadian, Chinese, Mediterranean, vegetarian dishes and more. The caterer in Longueuil's frozen prepared meal boxes are ideal for your family or work dinners.

Why choose our caterer L'Abondance for your prepared meals?

We offer an entirely new concept to our customers, the portions are abundant, you have the choice of protein options for your prepared meals , fresh pasta from local producers, tasty sauces and marinades, all completely homemade and the ingredients are costs. Our menu of the week is adaptable and designed for you and your family.

How do I order a L'Abondance prepared meal box?

To place an order, simply follow one of the following categories and get your delicious prepared meals.
Your order can be picked up in store or delivered to your home.

How to choose a prepared meal?

Look for a product that suits you and make sure the meal box you choose is delicious! Think of all the time saved to prepare the menu of the week. Think of all the money saved that will be for your family.
The foods we choose are fresh and healthy.
Choose your proteins, with the purchase of your healthy prepared meals
Portions that suit you.
Split portions into 2, 3 or 4 for the week, Abundance is ideal for work or school
Prepared meals are designed for you, give it a try now.

To communicate with us, contact our customer service. T: 438-488-1882 to order online, visit our website




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